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February 2, 2020—Rock Hill, South Carolina

Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC released a paranormal romance/magical realism crossover novel that leaves readers questioning the nature of love, life, and reality itself. Author Maya Preisler’s debut novel, The Laws of Entanglement: A True Love Story offers a wealth of wisdom in the guise of a romantic memoir. The title is available in ebook and paperback.


What if your thoughts really do determine your reality and true love is stronger than death?

Kara Riordan was fifteen when she met her soulmate. Unfortunately, he was already dead. Convinced their relationship was a product of her imagination, she moved on. Twenty years later, she is still haunted by the memories of a love she cannot forget. Determined to find peace of mind and uncover the reason a dead man was her destiny, Kara embarks on a journey which will require her to confront her past, her inner demons, and the gods themselves.

Early reviewers are praising Preisler’s story as a magical read that changes your life, “a self-help novel in a fantasy format.”

“Non-linear storytelling done excellently!” writes A. Blackwell, giving the book a 5 Star Amazon Review.

“Maya Preisler’s The Law of Entanglement has the kind of soul wrenching, deeply personal twists that make putting down the book a gargantuan effort of will that just doesn’t feel worth it. One of those ‘I’ll keep reading one more chapter all the way to the epilogue sticks with you days later by the barest hint of a reminder’ kind of reads,” writes Jessica Yamaguchi in her early review.

Greg R. praises the novel in his five star Amazon review calling it “A wonderful addition to the Paranormal Romance genre.”

The Laws of Entanglement: A True Love Story is available at the Mocha Memoirs Press website, Amazon, and other fine online retailers. You can also order the paperback from brick and mortar bookstores.



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