How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first story (with an adult to transcribe) at age three. Pretty sure it was a shifter story; there was a bear involved in a reverse Goldilocks scenario.

How can I get an autographed copy?

If you don’t already have a copy, you can order one directly from my publisher. If you already have a copy you would like signed, you can come to one of my signings at conventions or other events. I love the opportunity to meet new people. If that isn’t a possibility for you, contact me directly and we will work something I out.

Do you have any sequels planned?

I do. I am currently writing the second book and I have plans for a third book as well.

What genre is The Laws of Entanglement?

Magical Realism masquerading as paranormal romance with some science fiction and fantasy influences. Oh, and there’s a mystery to solve.

Is paranormal romance the only thing you write?

No. I write other flavors of speculative fiction as well as poetry.

Where can I read your other writing?

You can read my blog or become a supporter on Patreon.