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I thought it would be fun to do a twist on the interview process and turn the tables by allowing one of my characters to interview me. If I was given the chance to interview my higher power, I’d jump at the chance. So I decided to give that opportunity to my first main character and narrator, Kara Riordan. Here’s what she had to ask me:

KR: Thank you for having me.
MP: Thank you for joining us.

KR: I’m happy to be here. Though I’m not so sure you will be by the time we’re done.
MP: That’s vaguely ominous and not entirely reassuring, Kara.

KR: Yeah, well, you’re my creator. You can take it.
MP: *laughs* You have a point. Go ahead.

KR: Why did you decide to write my story?
MP: I couldn’t get you out of my head. You’re rather stubborn and persistent, you know.

KR: Fair enough. I believe we create characters because we need to learn something from their experience that is more directly accessible through them than our current ego identity can allow. What were you hoping to learn and vicariously experience through my story?
MP: Wow. You weren’t kidding.

KR: Nope. The question still stands.
MP: In all my past relationships (even friendships), I’ve practiced the art of masking my true self and pretending to be what they needed most in order to be worthy of love. I wanted to see and experience what vulnerable, authentic love looked like and felt like.

KR: Why me?
MP: You are me. I’ve literally never been honest about my true self to anyone before. I was too scared of mockery and rejection. So I created you to be all the things I’ve never been allowed to be. I could be painfully honest from behind a curtain of fiction and still feel safe.

KR: Wow. Thank you for such a raw and honest answer. How has that specific experience helped you to grow as a person?
MP: Several of my close friends and early readers identified my voice in yours and directly asked how much of the story was based in my real life. And when I had the -terrifying- audacity to tell them the truth, they responded with unconditional love. A couple of them even said their lives were already profoundly changed for the better as a result.

KR: So now you feel more confident showing up as your authentic self?
MP: Yes. I realized the lesson of your story — and Raven said as much in his interview — is as long as we are hiding our true selves, no-one can really love us. You can’t love a mask. You can be intrigued, frightened, obsessed… but you can’t love it.

KR: That’s true. Thank you for inviting me for this discussion, Maya. I hope your healing journey is even more succesful than mine.
MP: Thank you, Kara.

How do you show up in your relationships? Are you masking? Leave a comment and let me know.

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